Why you should not ignore warming up in gym

Not wanting to cut the exercise time in gym, a lot of people who spend time warming up, or warmed briefly. In fact, heating and cooling is also important to prevent injury and cramping and soreness post-exercise.

Like a machine, after a long time not used, the muscles of the body can also be "cool" and stiff. Well, the heating is quite important to prepare the body to be used to move, the muscles became more flexible.

According to Dr. Michael Triangto, sports medicine specialist, warming up and stretching should be done in light capacity. "If excessive heating it causes injury to the joint," he said when met at the launch of isotonic drinks Sporade in Jakarta.

He explains, warming is enough for 5-10 minutes before exercise intensity light. Meanwhile, for the more severe exercise, warm up about 10-15 minutes.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained with a proper warm up are: increase in body temperature, increase blood flow and heart rate to prepare the workings of the heart and vascular system, as well as reduce any cramping and soreness in the muscles.

In addition to heating, do not forget to cool down to restore normal blood flow. Ignoring the risk of cooling also causes muscle cramps.

Muscle cramps caused by excessive use of muscles, dehydration, muscle kink, or be in one position for a long time. Athletes who are too tired and dehydrated when exercising in the heat also often experience muscle cramps.

"Cramping was a sign of dehydration. Excessive fluid deprivation without adequate fluid intake will cause electrolyte deficiency is needed in the body, "says Michael.