Exercise at night is fine said expert

Working from morning to night make a person do not have much time to exercise. They also took the exercise at night. However, many still wonder whether exercise in the evening is good for health or not.

The specialist sports, Andi Kurniawan said, actually very good exercise done in the morning where the air is fresh and the sun. However, if it is not time to do it in the morning, sports in the afternoon until the evening was not a problem for health.

"Those that baseball was the sport in the morning, at night would be much better than no exercise at all. Now, a lot of the sport, running night in Senayan, that baseball is a problem," Andi said in Jakarta on Friday.

Andi said, sports night is not advised too late or disrupt sleep. This may affect the quality of your sleep. Finished exercising, you should not go straight to bed. Give a pause of about 1 to 1.5 hours from the time of exercise and sleep.

"exercise at night should also be the first heating. Then when finished cool down and stretch. Do not go straight to bed," said Andi.

Andi explained, exercise is recommended in adults for at least 150 minutes within five days or 30 minutes per day. If there is plenty enough time, exercise should be carried out in stages in one day. For example, 10 minutes morning and the rest in the afternoon, evening or night.

According to him, there is no time limit for how long should a person exercise at night. In principle, appropriate exercise capacity and body condition. If not used to exercising, start with mild physical activity. Most importantly, do not let yourself move on. A time was doing physical activity or exercise every day for a healthier life.