Lose weight naturally by drinking water

Researchers from the University of Brimingham claims to have discovered the secret to lose weight, that is to drink half a liter of water in half an hour before meals.

This refers to the results of their study which found that people who consumed 500 ml of water half an hour before meals reported an average loss of 4.3 kg for 12 weeks.

The researchers say this simple trick can be very useful, and easily promoted by health professionals and through public health campaigns.

Previously, some adults with excess weight were recruited and monitored for 12 weeks.

Each participant was given a weight management consultation, in which the researchers suggest how to adapt to the lifestyle and diet, and increasing physical activity levels.

About half of them were asked to drink water before meals and the other half are advised to imagine that they have a full stomach before eating.

Participants who were in the first group lost weight 1.3kg more than participants in the control group average.

Participants who reported always drank water before meals three times a day reported losing weight by 4.3kg over 12 weeks. Meanwhile, those who in one day just to drink before a meal or even not at all, just average weight loss of 0.8 kg.

Drinking water is allowed only mineral water, while soda or sweetened beverages is prohibited in this study.

Dr Helen Parretti, clinical lecturer National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) at the University of Birmingham, said: "The beauty of this finding is simple only drink half a liter of water, three times a day, before the main meal can reduce your weight."

When combined with brief instructions on how to increase the amount of physical activity and a healthy diet, it seems to help people to achieve some extra weight loss - at moderate levels and healthy.

This research has been published in the journal Obesity.

The reasons we need a Personal Trainer

When we are studying and have difficulty doing certain subjects, we certainly need a teacher to help find a solution. But if we want the gym, who would we need? a Personal trainer.

Yes, personal trainer is an important figure that helps us to guide our practice to run properly and achieve maximum results. However, what steps are required before using the services of a qualified personal trainer?

You need to know before using the services of a personal trainer

After knowing the reason why , especially those who are beginners, to use the services of a personal trainer, the next question is how to choose the right personal trainer.

Almost every gym has a personal training program with the support of a qualified personal trainer. Intelligent and full experience of being a capital that should be considered by the fitness lover before using their services.

1. To guide in order to perform the correct technique

One of the important benefits to using the services of certified personal trainer (CPT) is that they can provide the knowledge, learning the right techniques, and the function of the exercise you are doing. This will be especially important as oliympic lift and movement exercises such as the squat and deadlift compoun.

Personal trainers are very helpful, especially those still in the beginner level. By knowing the proper techniques in a movement will help you avoid injury and get maximum results in practice.

2. Planning for the right program for you

An experienced personal trainer and certified should have knowledge of periodization and exercise program. It is important to improve training service users personal trainer.

If the exercise without improvement and the right program then we will also be less get the maximum results or even stagnant, and the potential for injury is higher.

3. Provide advice on nutrition

Most, trainer is not certified nutritionist and can not legally provide proper food for us. However, their experience in the field of fitness to make them understand about macronutrients and how to increase exercise.

Trainer right will help us recommend the food or diet that is appropriate to support the results of the exercise, as well as helping us to find out the nutritional needs such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, or fats. Because at its core, an appropriate diet will be able to maximize the results of the exercise we do. 

4. As a motivator

Do we have experienced a sense of boredom when it wants to exercise? Yes, the task of a personal trainer in addition to regulate our practice can also be a motivator. They will always help us to be motivated to take exercise.

Personal trainers provide an injection of motivation for us to always do a workout routine that our original goal can be achieved with the maximum. If we continue to be motivated, then it will be able to improve the results of the exercise being performed.

5. 'Forcing' us to exercise

The main reason that usually makes people not exercising at a gym or fitness center is because it does not have the time. When using the services of a personal trainer, we are not only responsible for ourselves, but also the personal trainer. For example, we've hired the trainer to assist us in training, it seemed to be 'force' us to keep doing the exercises.

6. Help to plan and realize the 'goal' 

Not uncommon for people who do exercise to understand how to set fitness goals. This is where the role of a trainer. They will help one to set specific goals of fitness that is done. They will help align the fitness lifestyle with exercise performed.

Many people who attend the gym does not have a proper plan or still vague. In fact, some are already feeling the weight training but has not come down or not maximal muscle formation. A trainer will help guide practice and realize one's fitness goals.

7. We do not know our own bodies

A trainer will almost certainly have met a lot of people with different types. If we exercise less or walking is not the maximum, they will soon find out the cause and make exercise and diet program is right for your body type in order to achieve our fitness goals.

Practicing by using the services of a personal trainer will be able to make more confident in training, as well as guiding fitness exercise achieve optimal results. 

Getting weight for skinny guy

In addition to a lot of people who want to streamline the body, is also not a few who want to gain weight fast way to build muscle at the same time for those who are thin. Not only exercise, the following points should also be noted.

Genetic factors play an important role in determining the type of body. However, that does not mean it is a barrier for those who want to lose weight, or gain weight.

There are three types of the human body, namely ectomorph (skinny), endomorphs (ideal / athletic), and mesomorphs (short and rounded). But in this article will discuss how to gain weight and add muscle mass for the ectomorph.

For ectomorph body type, this type has characteristics that skinny body, flat chest, and small shoulders. And this body type is difficult to increase muscle mass. Nevertheless, it is not an obstacle for them to have the ideal body and athletic, as long as the hard training coupled.

Now, to add weight and increase muscle mass for the ectomorph, here are some things to note.

1. Understanding the Body Mass Index / Body Mass Index (BMI)

If a person's BMI is less than 18.5, then that person can be said to be underweight and need to gain weight. Many online sites that can help you to calculate how your BMI score. For its own normal BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9.

2. Exercise

By doing the exercises, the goal for ways to gain weight quickly will be helped. Exercise can increase muscle mass. What exercises?

Weight training

Weight training can press and stimulate muscle fibers, of course, this can increase muscle mass. The best weight training to build muscle mass include the deadlift, squats, barbell rows, bench press, the bar dips and pull-ups.

The weight training targeting the major muscles in the body and helps the growth of muscle mass. To add to your upper body weight can do push-ups, squats for the thigh muscles, standing heel raise for calves, for abdominal crunches and pull-ups for the arms and back.

Anaerobic exercise vs aerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercises are exercises that the process 'without oxygen' high intensity in a short time, like weight training. Therefore, weight training effectively promote weight loss and increase muscle mass. While aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, and jogging is recommended for those who want to lose weight.

3. diet

To gain weight, eat more calories burned by your body. Muscles require calories as fuel and exercise to add weight and build muscle. This can be achieved with proper diet and exercise that right. If the diet is not running right, then exercise a greater impact on burning calories rather than building muscle. Therefore, proper diet is very highly recommended to build muscle mass.

Diets high in protein

Animal protein is referred to as the best to gain weight because of the content of essential amino acids. With the recommended composition is 50% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 20% fat. For sources of animal protein can be obtained from red meat, fish, eggs, and milk.


Intake of supplements also play an important role in helping to optimize exercise and diet to gain weight and muscle mass. One is Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer Ultimate Nutrition, milk gainer that is able to gain weight and muscle mass.

8 Causes of fatigue??

Fatigue usually appear after we move. But it turns out even though we had to take a break and rest, fatigue was also missing. Did you know, fatigue is not only due to physical activity. Dehydration and lack of sleep can also make the body such as running out of energy.

1. Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep has become one of the main reasons. You need to know that sleep is not just a break and closed his eyes. During sleep, growth hormone production occurs in the body by the pituitary gland. This hormone makes your muscles stay healthy and keep bones strong. This also affects the body to accumulate fat and helps balancing the ratio of good and bad cholesterol. Adequate sleep, about 7-8 hours, will help you keep good stamina and beneficial for brain function.

2. Too much consumption of junk food
Research shows that fast food can make a biological body becomes sluggish. Generally, junk food contains high sugar. Sugar consumption is the most rapidly increasing energy. However, for long-term consumption of sugar can be a disease.

3. Lack of drinking water
Many people do not realize when limp is due to dehydration. If the body feels weak, not the sugar that you need, but a glass of water. Much was drinking water which will also keep your throat does not dry all day. Pay attention to your urine. If yellow or dark yellow, a sign you lack of drinking water.

4. Lack of vitamin B
You need vitamin B to help the mitochondria convert glucose into energy. Vitamin B can be found in liquid or pill if it is not enough to come out of your food consumption. Try the one vitamin B in the morning and evening to keep your body energized.

5. The body is infected
Inflammation infection and can cause your body feel sluggish. For example, you suffer from inflammation of the prostate gland, vaginitis, and intestinal infections. Use of probiotics to treat it. To prevent infection, apply a clean and healthy lifestyle, such as frequent hand washing.

6. The body of a sedentary
Less moving body can also make you feel sluggish. Body more energy to do the one simple activity such as walking. When moving, nitric oxide is released lining of the arteries to facilitate blood flow. This also helps you get more nutrients into your body's cells.

7. Hormonal disorders
Hormonal factors also one of the factors that make the body less energetic. One possible cause is not optimal function of the adrenal glands that release the hormone adrenaline.

8. Insulin resistance
The body's cells need sugar for energy. Insulin is needed to keep the glucose remains in the cell. However, if the body is insulin resistance, the cells can not respond to insulin properly. It also causes a person to develop diabetes and the body often feel less energetic.

The best exercise for the elderly

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to falls and injuries. Actually exercise which is recommended for fitness training and muscle elderly so they do not easily fall. Even so, not all sports can be done. One sport that is considered safe and good for the elderly is swimming.

Australian research team surveyed about 1,700 men aged 70 years and over and compare the types of exercise they do and chances fell for four years. In the period of the study was approximately 2,700 men fell.

The respondents in the study who turns swimming exercise reduced the risk of falling by 33 percent. Instead, those who choose the sport of golf, gymnastics, exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike, the risk of falling was reduced.

The researchers also found that swimmers perform better on tests of "postural swing" compared to the average of all the men in the study. In tests of standing balance, a person may be required to stand for 30 seconds, and the researchers measured how much movement of the body at waist level center position.

Fall is a major health problem in the elderly. Falling can lead to fractures, head trauma and other serious injuries. Even that was not too serious fall can reduce their mobility during the recovery, and cause other problems. One in three people aged 65 years or older fall each year ever.

During walking exercise is a physical activity that most people do the elderly. But this exercise does not decrease the risk of falling.

Swim known to strengthen the core muscles and make them more stable so that one does not easily fall. Cycling is actually also useful for balance. Basically any type of sport has different benefits, such as dancing will help speed and reaction time.

Follow tips below for getting better slim body

Most popular diets are not successful in the long term to maintain slim body. Indeed, there are free ways that we can do to get the weight loss permanently.

1. Sports
To be able to stay slim, need help in the long run the sport, at least 30 minutes five times a week. If no time to exercise, do the walking on the sidelines of time working or doing housework. Better yet, if we take a morning with friends, join a fitness center membership or health club.

2. Weight training

The reason, weight training form the muscle tissue in our body. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn, even while resting though.

In the book Strong Women Stay Slim, Mirian Nelson, researchers from Tufts University, proved that women who took the diet plus weight training, can cut 44 percent more fat than those who only diet. Aerobic exercise only burns calories. Need help weight training to burn more calories.

3. Record the daily food

make a note of the foods we eat all day, hunger level prior to eating and emotions. This diary will give a new consciousness.

4. Focus stay healthy not so slim.

More people managed to slim down over the long term when changing its motivation from wanting to be wanted more healthy slim. Change your mindset about the foods that make the body healthier than the food that makes us fat.

5. Be aware of the food portion

control amount of food eaten at each meal. Ask for half portions when eating in a restaurant that serves large portions. Note the level of hunger when eating and stop eating when they feel already comfortable, not stuffed.

6. Lower the weight slowly

aware that rapid weight loss only remove water and muscle, not fat. In fact, the muscles needed to keep the metabolic rate. When the muscle decreases, metabolism slows down and the end, the extra calories are converted into fat. Reduced fat content will be effective when weight loss occurs slowly. A healthy weight loss is no more than a half to two pounds per week.

7. Eat slowly

Eating slowly is a good way to lose weight. From the first time eating food, the brain takes 20 minutes to give the signal that the stomach is full. Therefore, enjoy every bite.

The more effective exercise than running?

Running as a sport activity is easy, can be done anytime, and burn a lot of calories. Even so, there are many physical exercises that can increase strength and more effective than running.

Matt Wilpers, renowned triathlon coach, said some kind of exercise which is more effective in burning calories. This sport is measured by the calorie calculator on the United States men and women aged 25.

1 Aqua Jogging
Exercises you can do in the pool not only swimming, but also jogging. Yes, doing movements such as jogging in water is more effective for cardio strength training. "It's fantastic, instantaneous heart rate up and exercise is easy to do with a technique similar to the run," said Matt Wilpers.

By doing aqua jogging for an hour, burning calories can reach 650 for women and 850 for men. Another advantage of this exercise is to incur a small impact on the muscles and joints.

2 Rock Climbing
For those of you who are afraid of the heights of this sport is not a good choice. However, this extreme sport is very effective in training the strength and stamina. Average calories burned can reach 750 to 1,000 for an hour with the high-intensity exercise and rest periods minimal.

3 Jump Rope
Maybe the last time you do this exercise is while still in elementary school. This sport is actually quite challenging and a good cardio workout. Many people who can not do 60 jumps in one minute without stopping. However, the real leap for 10 minutes can burn between 90 to 120 calories Add a few minutes to make the leap of moving to accelerate the burning of calories.

4 Elliptical
Wilpers advised to do exercises using the tool on the elliptical at the gym because it is easy and lighter than running. To burn more calories, drag an angle and opposite crank. This exercise can burn about 1,000 calories an hour for men and 750 more calories for women.

5. Playing Basketball
Playing basketball is a sport that is more effective than running because of the high intensity. The combination of fast running with dynamic movements during a match will burn a lot of calories. Playing basketball for an hour can burn about 1,000 calories in men and more than 750 calories for women.