What secrets you can find inside GTA san andreas??

There are a lot of mysteries and secret you can find inside GTA series, especially san andreas, some of them real, but many of the secrets are fake and just mods. Among of those secrets, here are some of them:


Many players reported if they saw a lot of UFOs sight. They fly very fast and can't be caught.

The possible explanation is they are just planes or glitch. Btw, you may find gamer using UFO in the game, but trust me, it's just a mod.

* Ghost car

You can find two ghost car in the hills in Back O' Beyond. You can find the cars rolling down with no one inside them.

* Big foot

The rumors spread if you can find bigfoot in Mt.Chilliad area. You can find a lot of big foot foot steps at there.

* Ghost Graffiti

You can find it at the graveyard in los santos. It usually appears at the night and becomes lost at noon.

* Jaws

It's still a mystery if jaws is really exist in GTA san andreas, some people claim if it's just dolphin, or even a glitch. Btw, you can also create one by modding the game.

That's for today, thanks for reading...