How to eliminate the hidden fats inside your body

Duke University announced, if exercise is one of the most effective ways to eliminate fatty deposits, even to the most hidden though. The study, published in The Journal of Physiology is headed by physiologist Cris Slentz, PhD.

Slentz and his team conclude, when we rarely exercise, the process of formation of fat on the inside of the stomach more quickly occur. When in fact, with only moderate intensity exercise, we can cut down the fat layer. Therefore, one can imagine what happens if we do regular exercise, fat-burning fat even more and more and more slender waistline.

"If we begin to realize this, it is actually very easy to have a proportionate body. It all starts from our minds and this is the only control our weight, "Slentz convincing.

Slentz then explained, another name for the inside of the body fat is visceral fat. He circled around the stomach. These fats will burden the work of our vital organs so that no adverse effects were diverse, ranging from heart problems to diabetes type 2 or commonly referred to as the metabolic syndrome. "Metabolic syndrome is a collection of diseases that occur as a result of our belly fat."

And if we think of belly fat that causes metabolic syndrome is only experienced by people with obesity, then you should start thinking twice. Because, Slentz find facts, thin people can have a pile of fat. Only, many people do not really notice because it is deep enough in the stomach.

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