The more effective exercise than running?

Running as a sport activity is easy, can be done anytime, and burn a lot of calories. Even so, there are many physical exercises that can increase strength and more effective than running.

Matt Wilpers, renowned triathlon coach, said some kind of exercise which is more effective in burning calories. This sport is measured by the calorie calculator on the United States men and women aged 25.

1 Aqua Jogging
Exercises you can do in the pool not only swimming, but also jogging. Yes, doing movements such as jogging in water is more effective for cardio strength training. "It's fantastic, instantaneous heart rate up and exercise is easy to do with a technique similar to the run," said Matt Wilpers.

By doing aqua jogging for an hour, burning calories can reach 650 for women and 850 for men. Another advantage of this exercise is to incur a small impact on the muscles and joints.

2 Rock Climbing
For those of you who are afraid of the heights of this sport is not a good choice. However, this extreme sport is very effective in training the strength and stamina. Average calories burned can reach 750 to 1,000 for an hour with the high-intensity exercise and rest periods minimal.

3 Jump Rope
Maybe the last time you do this exercise is while still in elementary school. This sport is actually quite challenging and a good cardio workout. Many people who can not do 60 jumps in one minute without stopping. However, the real leap for 10 minutes can burn between 90 to 120 calories Add a few minutes to make the leap of moving to accelerate the burning of calories.

4 Elliptical
Wilpers advised to do exercises using the tool on the elliptical at the gym because it is easy and lighter than running. To burn more calories, drag an angle and opposite crank. This exercise can burn about 1,000 calories an hour for men and 750 more calories for women.

5. Playing Basketball
Playing basketball is a sport that is more effective than running because of the high intensity. The combination of fast running with dynamic movements during a match will burn a lot of calories. Playing basketball for an hour can burn about 1,000 calories in men and more than 750 calories for women.