Follow tips below for getting better slim body

Most popular diets are not successful in the long term to maintain slim body. Indeed, there are free ways that we can do to get the weight loss permanently.

1. Sports
To be able to stay slim, need help in the long run the sport, at least 30 minutes five times a week. If no time to exercise, do the walking on the sidelines of time working or doing housework. Better yet, if we take a morning with friends, join a fitness center membership or health club.

2. Weight training

The reason, weight training form the muscle tissue in our body. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn, even while resting though.

In the book Strong Women Stay Slim, Mirian Nelson, researchers from Tufts University, proved that women who took the diet plus weight training, can cut 44 percent more fat than those who only diet. Aerobic exercise only burns calories. Need help weight training to burn more calories.

3. Record the daily food

make a note of the foods we eat all day, hunger level prior to eating and emotions. This diary will give a new consciousness.

4. Focus stay healthy not so slim.

More people managed to slim down over the long term when changing its motivation from wanting to be wanted more healthy slim. Change your mindset about the foods that make the body healthier than the food that makes us fat.

5. Be aware of the food portion

control amount of food eaten at each meal. Ask for half portions when eating in a restaurant that serves large portions. Note the level of hunger when eating and stop eating when they feel already comfortable, not stuffed.

6. Lower the weight slowly

aware that rapid weight loss only remove water and muscle, not fat. In fact, the muscles needed to keep the metabolic rate. When the muscle decreases, metabolism slows down and the end, the extra calories are converted into fat. Reduced fat content will be effective when weight loss occurs slowly. A healthy weight loss is no more than a half to two pounds per week.

7. Eat slowly

Eating slowly is a good way to lose weight. From the first time eating food, the brain takes 20 minutes to give the signal that the stomach is full. Therefore, enjoy every bite.