The impotance of warming up before exercise

Exercise gives great benefit to the health of the body. However, if not careful, it can actually make injury to our body. Risk of injury most often occurs during exercise. Therefore, needed proper preparation and warm up before exercising to avoid sprains.

Doctors Marganda from Omni Hospital Alam Sutra, Tangerang, said there are two things to consider when exercising. First, the physical preparation before doing exercise.

Preparation was able to perform adequate heating. "Warm up before exercise aims to relax the muscles to prevent cramps," said Marganda.

In addition to avoiding cramps, muscle relaxation can also facilitate the movement of the body as well as the launch. Just so you know, the sport involves the movement of muscles, joints, and bones in a large intensity. By warming up before exercising the nutrient-rich blood and oxygen flow to the muscles so that the muscles are ready to work hard.

Secondly, use of protective equipment during exercise. Type of protective equipment used can vary, depending on the type of exercise.

When playing futsal, for example, you can wear shin guards. The shields are made ​​of rubber material is useful to protect the feet from injury due to concussion.

Marganda said, the selection of sports equipment should also be appropriate and only needed. Therefore, even if it does not fit can also lead gift. "Do not use over sized shoes or too small," said Marganda.

The type or form of sports games also help determine the risk of injury. Sports that require more physical contact is certainly more risky than other sports that do not involve physical contact.

For example football. This game is vulnerable to the risk of sprains. Parts of the body at risk of sprains ranging from the ankle, lower leg, to the knee, especially the ankle and the medial collateral ligament (sort of fastener joints).

However, no matter what type of exercise, injury sometimes can't be avoided. "To avoid injury, you should still play it safe while exercising," said Marganda.

When injured, the first step to do is to stop playing. If the game continues, the injury could be more severe.

Especially for sprains, after the rest should be directly compressed with ice. It is important to avoid bleeding. If not improved, too, you can see a doctor.