The best exercise for the elderly

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to falls and injuries. Actually exercise which is recommended for fitness training and muscle elderly so they do not easily fall. Even so, not all sports can be done. One sport that is considered safe and good for the elderly is swimming.

Australian research team surveyed about 1,700 men aged 70 years and over and compare the types of exercise they do and chances fell for four years. In the period of the study was approximately 2,700 men fell.

The respondents in the study who turns swimming exercise reduced the risk of falling by 33 percent. Instead, those who choose the sport of golf, gymnastics, exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike, the risk of falling was reduced.

The researchers also found that swimmers perform better on tests of "postural swing" compared to the average of all the men in the study. In tests of standing balance, a person may be required to stand for 30 seconds, and the researchers measured how much movement of the body at waist level center position.

Fall is a major health problem in the elderly. Falling can lead to fractures, head trauma and other serious injuries. Even that was not too serious fall can reduce their mobility during the recovery, and cause other problems. One in three people aged 65 years or older fall each year ever.

During walking exercise is a physical activity that most people do the elderly. But this exercise does not decrease the risk of falling.

Swim known to strengthen the core muscles and make them more stable so that one does not easily fall. Cycling is actually also useful for balance. Basically any type of sport has different benefits, such as dancing will help speed and reaction time.