8 Causes of fatigue??

Fatigue usually appear after we move. But it turns out even though we had to take a break and rest, fatigue was also missing. Did you know, fatigue is not only due to physical activity. Dehydration and lack of sleep can also make the body such as running out of energy.

1. Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep has become one of the main reasons. You need to know that sleep is not just a break and closed his eyes. During sleep, growth hormone production occurs in the body by the pituitary gland. This hormone makes your muscles stay healthy and keep bones strong. This also affects the body to accumulate fat and helps balancing the ratio of good and bad cholesterol. Adequate sleep, about 7-8 hours, will help you keep good stamina and beneficial for brain function.

2. Too much consumption of junk food
Research shows that fast food can make a biological body becomes sluggish. Generally, junk food contains high sugar. Sugar consumption is the most rapidly increasing energy. However, for long-term consumption of sugar can be a disease.

3. Lack of drinking water
Many people do not realize when limp is due to dehydration. If the body feels weak, not the sugar that you need, but a glass of water. Much was drinking water which will also keep your throat does not dry all day. Pay attention to your urine. If yellow or dark yellow, a sign you lack of drinking water.

4. Lack of vitamin B
You need vitamin B to help the mitochondria convert glucose into energy. Vitamin B can be found in liquid or pill if it is not enough to come out of your food consumption. Try the one vitamin B in the morning and evening to keep your body energized.

5. The body is infected
Inflammation infection and can cause your body feel sluggish. For example, you suffer from inflammation of the prostate gland, vaginitis, and intestinal infections. Use of probiotics to treat it. To prevent infection, apply a clean and healthy lifestyle, such as frequent hand washing.

6. The body of a sedentary
Less moving body can also make you feel sluggish. Body more energy to do the one simple activity such as walking. When moving, nitric oxide is released lining of the arteries to facilitate blood flow. This also helps you get more nutrients into your body's cells.

7. Hormonal disorders
Hormonal factors also one of the factors that make the body less energetic. One possible cause is not optimal function of the adrenal glands that release the hormone adrenaline.

8. Insulin resistance
The body's cells need sugar for energy. Insulin is needed to keep the glucose remains in the cell. However, if the body is insulin resistance, the cells can not respond to insulin properly. It also causes a person to develop diabetes and the body often feel less energetic.