The easiest way to measure your physical activity

The human body is actually designed to actively move. However, modern lifestyle and ease of technology makes a lot of people prefer to sit and not moving.

You might argue already scheduled a routine exercise three times a week, but if the majority of your time spent sitting, the exercise benefits will not be felt.

"Many people are not aware of it sit for 10 hours in the office. Yet included in the trip. Fact, that we are fit we must often move," said Agus Yudhi Adetria, Polar Brand Manager in a press conference with the media in Jakarta

Although technology makes us tend to be more passive in the move, but in fact we can use technology for the sake of fitness. Nowadays there are many tools to monitor the level of physical activity.

PrimaFit, fitness equipment supplier, launched the Polar Loop, smart bracelet which can measure its daily activities for 24 hours, starting from the number of calories burned, physical activity, to the quality of sleep.

"There are several features of the Polar Loop, ranging from monitoring activities, how to reach the target activity, counting footsteps, until the number of calories you've burned," said Yudhi.

Polar Loop can also monitor your heart rate. "Interestingly, if we are already too long not moving,warning will appear to move," said Yudhi.