How to stop acne from getting worse

Having acne is not the end of the world. Most people are affected of it. Well, curing acne is important, but in this article i will tell you how to stop acne from getting worse, keep reading...

* Do not touch or pop your acne, since hands contain a lot of bacteria.

* Bad cosmetic
Choose the right treatment for your face skin. Choosing cosmetic containing with sulfur is good cure to cure acne, but it can dry your skin. So use it once a day.

* Bad diet.
Decrease the consumption of junk food, as it can make your acne worse. Choose food containing with vegetables instead.

* Drink a a lot of water. This is the secret to cure acne from the inside.

* Stress, you might confuse but stress can contribute to cause acne, as stress can trigger over sebum resulting to acne.

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