Movies with shocking ending (my version)

Everybody loves movies (who doesn't??), well in this article I'm going to give some movie with shocking endings. It's pretty hard to review a movie without spoiling them, but i can assure you if this article is free of spoilers. Keep reading..

1. Shutter Island

Leonardo dicaprio plays as an U.S. Marshal who need to investigate a murderer who escaped to mysterious island, the shutter islands.

2. The Sixth Sense

Bruce williis has proven if he is not just great at starring an action movies, but also horror drama like The Sixth Sense. If you have not watched the movie, the you just have missed one of the best with shocking ending ever!!.

3. The Others

Are you a big fan of classic horror movie, the others is the right choice for you.

4. Identity

A confusing movie with a weird shocking ending (in my opinion) but still worth to watch.

5. The Mist

One of the best movie adapted from novel IMO. the acting, the atmosphere, the monsters are great. It's one of the best movie I've ever seen so far. so don't forget to check this movie out.

6. Saw

I've watched saw 1, 2 and 3. But for me, Saw 1 is the best movie of the series. despite the murder theme, this movie teaches us the importance of life.

7. Minority Report

If you think tom cruise is a bad actor, you should see this movie. Perhaps it will change your opinion about him.

8. The Uninvited

It's the remake of drama horror Korean movie, "tales of two sister", there is nothing i can say about the movie except "brilliant".

I want to add more but i think it's enough for today. if you want to see reviews and list of movies, IMDB is still the best source for you.