Treadmill: one of the best way to exercise

Healthy now become the need of modern people. Just look at the crowd at fitness centers (gym) every day. For those who are very busy, gym offers with a variety of home fitness exercise equipment.

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise equipment that many people have in their homes. Compared to various other cardio equipment, treadmills burn more calories. One mile fast walk can burn about 100 calories. Another advantage of the treadmill is able to adapt to different levels of training and speed variation from run to run.

However, the price of running this tool is quite expensive. Because it takes mature consideration that we are not disappointed with the treadmill that has been purchased. One of the things that determine the level of comfort is a walking treadmill. Choose the surface long enough to enable us to adapt.

Like any other electronic goods, more and more features of the treadmill, the better. For example, there is a choice of speed, incline per-programmed, which describes the presence of heart rate monitors, as well as easy to operate.

One of the treadmill is quite complete and has just launched its Adaptive Motion Trainer Precor production, manufacturers of fitness equipment from America. Product Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is a blend of three fitness equipment, steeper machine, treadmill and cross trainer. Since its launch, the AMT has won numerous awards as the best fitness equipment.

According to Yazid Mulkan Cape, Head of Regional Precon Indonesia, AMT is the only fitness equipment in the world that can adapt to the motion of the human body. "The concept of this machine is to provide flexibility to the user whether to make a move to run or just make small steps. Regular treadmill On appeal, this tool is giving the variation of motion," he said.

Products that have been developed since four years ago, it also allows users to change the motion instantly without the need to press any buttons. More sophistication is not using electricity because when we use to move or spin will cause power automatically.

Of course, the more advanced features offered, usually the more expensive the price. Therefore, make sure you get a warranty for treadmills that have been purchased and ask your retailer what conditions damage incurred by the manufacturer. Happy exercising!