Most anticipated games of 2012 and 2013

As a gamer, it's so excited to wait for the newest game, especially from popular series. In this article i've made it into a short list:

* Resident evil 6

The RE series have dramatically changed since RE 4, especially the gameplay. But capcom promises if on their new game, fans will get 2 packet in one game, horror atmosphere and also action gameplay. From the trailers (that you can find a lot on youtube), gamers can play more than five characters with their own styles. RE 6 is gonna rock !!! .

 * GTA V

From the latest screenshot published by rockstar, we can see the how great the graphics is. All we have to do is to prepare a "nasa computer spec" for the game. As all we know, GTA 4 is worst port console game for PC as it took a lot of PC resources. But let's hope the best for GTA V.


Capcom will reboot the devil may cry series with new story and gameplay. This time, ninja theory as the developer, has big mission to pleasant the DMC series fans. Though not all gamers like it, the game itself looks promising.

* Sniper 2

Not as popular as COD series, but sniper still worth the wait. Apart from bad reviews from IGN and gamespot, the bullet effect of the first sniper is astonishing.

That's for today, let's hope if the release date of those games won't be delayed.