Games that you can't beat without gameshark and action replay

If you don't know about gameshark and action replay, they are tool which used for cheat purpose by modifying the play of video game.

In this article i'm going to give list of hard games (that i can't finish without gameshark). You may agree or not, but those games are really hard to beat. Well here they are:

* Dead Rising 2

This game is popular with its hard bosses. You need to eliminate some psychopath in order to earn points and advance the game storyline. Tactic is the key to win the game, and the most important, it's almost impossible to finish the game in the first playthrough

* Shinobi

A PS2 game which is similar to ninja gaiden. The gameplay is fun actually, but sadly, there is no checkpoint, so when you die in middle of the level, you must start it again from the beginning.

* Megaman X Series

It's 2d scrolling action game. The series also known for their difficulty. If you want to know how hard it is, just try it.

* Demon's Souls

One hit is enough to get you killed, needed a big patience if you want to beat the game.

* Black ninja gaiden

Probably the hardest ninja game ever made (also the best one).

Thanks for reading..