Five best movies of tom cruise

In my opinion, tom cruise is the best hollywood actor ever. He has everything that a man always dream, beautiful wife, rich, handsome, and happy family. Well, let's get back to our real topic, in this article i'm going to give you my list of tom cruise best movie, keep reading...

Here they are:

a. Mission impossible 2

Not as good as the previous series, but the motorcycles chase scene is a memorable moment from this movie.

b. War of the world

A remake of an old movie. Tom cruise did a good job as a father who tried to save his family from the invasion of aliens.

c. Collateral

Tom cruise played a bad guy who has job as a serial killer. Tom cruise made a great duo with jamie foxx.

d. Minority report

If you have not watched the movie, then you just missed a weird-story, unusual and complex movie. 

e. Tropic thunder

I didn't even realize if tom cruise also took rule in this movie until the story ended. he did a great job by acted as a fat annoying character.

Thanks for reading...