Best internet sites to spend your time with

Surfing on internet is very addictive. As a blogger, it's very important for me to keep connected with internet, well here are some best sites (in my opinion) to spend the day...

* Gamespot

If i want to buy a game, i always see the rating of the game, is it high or no??. If the rating is above 8.0, then it's worth to buy.


Another best video game review. If i get bored visiting gamepot, then IGN will be the best alternative.

* Amazon

Not to buy products, because i prefer buying product off line. I visit amazon just to compare the prices of the product i want to buy.

* Yahoo Answer

You can find a lot of people who will help you solve the problems you are facing. If you need answer, just ask!!!.

* Detik

It's Indonesian portal news. The best and most complete portal news in Indonesia so far.

* Youtube

Who doesn't know youtube today???, it's the largest video sharing nowadays.

* Wikipedia

Can you imagine how to do the homework if wikipedia is shut down???. With many files and articles inside, wikipedia is the largest wiki sites.

* Blogger

I'm a big fans of blogger com, as you can see, this blog is hosted in blogger. I also use blogger to promote products (like e book) .

Thanks for reading...